Sharon tells KC in jest: Anak, pahinging apo

If things were only up to her, veteran actress Sharon Cuneta said she would have urged her daughter, actress KC Concepcion, to settle down soon and give her a grandchild.

In an interview with the entertainment website, Cuneta said she has been telling Concepcion that she already wants to have a grandchild, but her daughter is not yet ready.

“I’ve been ready for a long time. She’s the one that’s not because I like babies. I can’t wait! I had a baby early. It has its pluses and minuses. But one of the pluses is getting to grow up with your kid,” she said.

“I was 19 when I had her. Para hindi masyadong malayo ‘yung generation gap. And now, I think it’s cool to be a lola before you hit 60,” the actress added.

But Cuneta said she does not want to rush Concepcion into settling down because she wants her to end up with the person she deserves.

“Ultimately, you just want your kids to be happy in the right way. Huwag naman sa adik. At saka sana papakainin siya. Hindi naman kailangan mayaman na mayaman, pero responsible, ‘yung aalagaan lang siya. That’s all you want. You just make sure that they grow up happy,” she said.

Cuneta said her daughter is already old enough to know who is best for her.

“She had her share of emotional battles. So, I trust in her experience… But I tell her, ‘Anak, you know what, I just have to trust in the way I raised you because you have to take responsibility for your decisions also.’ Now, I think she has her share of pains, so she would know better,” she explained.

Sexy magazine cover

Meanwhile, Cuneta fully supports Concepcion, who just graced the cover of a fashion magazine wearing a daring outfit.

Reacting in jest, Cuneta said: “Balutin ko siya! Ewan ko ba! ‘Yung ibang tao ayaw maghubad, ito namang anak ko… Sa bagay, kung ganun ang katawan ko, araw-araw naka-bikini ako. Kaya ayaw ni Lord ibigay sa akin.”

On Preview’s November 2013 issue, Concepcion is seen wearing a daring cutout suit by Joey Samson, which exposed the side of her breast and her flat tummy.

She was photographed by Mark Nicdao for the cover, with styling by Daryl Chang.

With the Paris landmark Eiffel Tower in the background, Concepcion proudly wears local brands as she appears on the cover of the fashion magazine.