Japan train station closes after lone passenger graduates from high school

The train station in Hokkaido, Japan that stayed open for years to service only one school girl has finally closed.

The Kyu-shirataki station closed after the girl, 18-year-old Kana Harada, graduated from high school last March 25.

“I do feel sad to think it will disappear,” Harada told Reuters in January. She took the train to go to school for the last three years.

Harada lives in Shirataki, a small neighborhood of only 36 people.

“Kyu-shirataki Station, 69 Years, Thank You,” says a banner placed at the Kyu-shirataki Station.

A bouquet of flowers was also left at the station along with a timetable that showed that the train stopped at the site four times a day.

Locals also gathered at the station to pay their respects for the last time.

The Kyu-shirataki sttaion, among the stations on the Sekihoku Main Line, opened in October 1932.

Two other stations, Kami-Shirataki and Shimo-Shirataki, also closed recently due to low ridership.

A banner was installed at the Kami-shirataki Station which says, “84 Years, Job Well Done!” —Source: BAP/ALG, GMA News

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