Suicidal wife saved by husband from falling by grabbing her ponytail

One Chinese woman was lucky to come out alive after a ‘hairy mess’. Image:
One Chinese woman was lucky to come out alive after a ‘hairy mess’. Image:

A Chinese man has literally saved his wife by a hair’s breadth, as he grabbed her ponytail after she went jumping off a building in an apparent suicide attempt.

The unidentified woman, who hails from Shiquan county in Shaanxi province, China, was photographed by onlookers while dangerously dangling in the air for about three minutes, as per the Chinese Business View.

According to several witnesses, the distraught woman—who was later identified to be in her 30s—leaped out from a 20-meter tall building after a family dispute over the weekend.

After a brief commotion, her husband was seen clutching her hair on the building’s roof, before police rushed to the top and saved her. The couple are tenants at the apartment’s top floor, the report said.

“When we arrived, we saw her husband grasping her ponytail, but his hand had clearly slipped to near its end,” one of the officers in the scene, Zuo Yu, detailed the incident.

“If we were late by a few seconds or her husband couldn’t hold on to her hair for a few more seconds, it might have been impossible to save her.”

In order to pull the woman back to safety, one police officer had to climb over a protective barrier, while several officials had to hold on to the husband’s clothes to prevent him from falling.

Aside from the officer’s aid and her husband’s mighty grip, a 30-centimeter-wide pipe completely supported the suicidal wife’s body weight and prevented her from falling. Without it, all the efforts would have been for naught, the police concluded.

The woman, meanwhile, was visibly emotional during the incident and was constantly screaming “let go of me” throughout the terrifying ordeal.

She was also perceived to be extremely lucky to still be alive, as a separate report from the South China Morning Post revealed that about 2,000 hairs can in theory hold up to 30 kilograms in weight, while the scalp’s ability to carry pressure is limited.

Hence, it was indeed a miracle for her hair to have held on as long as it did without separating from her scalp. —Source: Khristian Ibarrola /

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