5 smart ways to pack your luggage efficiently

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Do you spend more hours than you would like each time you pack your luggage prior to leaving Singapore? Besides arming yourself with essential packing tips for those who only carry hand luggage, it is also important that you know the tips and tricks to packing your suitcase efficiently.

Below, we at GET.com share our top five habits when it comes to packing our luggage without wasting much time.

5 Smart Ways To Pack Your Luggage Efficiently

  1. Have A Packing List On Hand

Having a packing list to guide you is essential to make sure that you don’t forget to pack important things like travel adaptors, chargers, medication, etc.

If you don’t want to spend money on cute travel packing list notepads, an easy way to get around that is to customise and create your own. All you need to do is print your personal packing list out each time you need to pack for your trip (that’s a trick I learnt from my boyfriend). Feel free to create another one that is dedicated to packing for business travel if you travel a lot in the name of work.

If you don’t really like to use paper, you can just as easily make a list on your phone or your computer.

  1. Know The Type Of Weather & Climate You’ll Be Packing For

Nobody can predict the weather accurately all the time, but having a rough idea of what the weather in your destination might be like will help you immensely in narrowing down the types of clothes that you should pack.

If you are going to a tropical destination and one of the places you’ll be stopping by involves trekking up a mountain, it would make sense for you to pack mostly breezy clothes plus a lightweight jacket that will keep you warm as it can get chilly up there.

  1. Pick Items That You Can Easily Wear Multiple Times

From that Burberry-esque trench coat, that pair of go-to, comfortable sneakers, to the jeans that you can mix-and-match with practically any other top, pack them all in your luggage. Although people who are obsessed with cleanliness may cringe a little at the idea of rewearing certain pieces of clothing, it is a fact that some items can be reworn a couple of times without much issue, if any.

Not only will this cut down your packing time, you’ll get to travel light as well. Pack fresh undergarments and socks for each day of your trip, though.

  1. Have Another Set Of Chargers And Cables If You Travel Frequently

Those who live the jet set life would know how cumbersome it is to always plug your chargers and cables in and out every other day because you are barely even at home. If this sounds like you, perhaps you ought to consider getting another set and leave those in your luggage.

That way, you can bid goodbye to the routine plugging and unplugging without having to worry about not having those essentials with you. Although I don’t get to travel around the world as often as I’d like, I do leave my travel adaptor, giant ziplock bags and clean plastic bags in my suitcase.

  1. Store All Your Travel-Sized Toiletries In One Bag

Even if your usual grooming and hygiene products are regular-sized, it doesn’t hurt to get some that are available in travel sizes. Otherwise, just get empty travel-sized bottles that you can decant your products into easily.

These empty bottles can be bought from Sephora, Daiso or convenience stores like Watsons and Guardian. If you don’t mind, you can also reuse old travel-sized bottles that you snuck home from hotels you’ve stayed at. No shame there. Store these little bottles in a clear bag tucked in or near your suitcase. That way, you just have to grab the bag and all your trusty things will be in place.

Feel free to get mini versions of cosmetics and grooming accessories such as mini brushes, combs, nail clippers or even a mini hair dryer.—Source: travelinspirations.yahoo.com

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