19 Filipino seafarers detained in Mexico for alleged drug violation

The Department of Foreign Affairs said it is monitoring developments in light of the detention of the seafarers, including 19 Filipinos of Cypriot-flagged vessel UBC Savannah docked in Altamira Port in Mexico due to alleged violations of the country’s illegal drug law.

Nineteen Filipino and three Polish crew members of a Cypriot-flagged ship were detained in Mexico for an alleged illegal drugs violation.

The detained seafarers were aboard UBC Savannah, which was docked at Altamira Port in Mexico on July 27.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said it is monitoring the developments through the Philippine Embassy in Mexico.

The Philippine Embassy had already talked to seven of the 19 Filipino seafarers detained, the DFA said in a statement released Tuesday.

No formal charnges have been filed against any seafarer but they are all currentlyd etained for questioning.

“The group is generally in good spirits, and informed the Embassy representatives that their families have been informed of what happened,” the DFA said.

According to the DFA, the embassy is also coordinating with Mexican authorities and the law firm representing the ship’s crew.

The DFA also expressed commitment to provide any form of assistance, such as legal assistance, for the detained Filipinos.

“However, should they be found to be guilty by the proper court of the charges against them, they have to face the legal consequences of their actions,” the statement read.—Source: Patricia Lourdes Viray (Philstar.com)

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