Filipino women are having fewer children, study says

From an average of 4.1 children back in 1993, the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) learned that Filipino women in 2017 were found to have only 2.7 children.

At the World Population Day Forum on Thursday, POPCOM Executive Director Undersecretary Juan Antonio Perez III attributed this decline to educational and economic change.

He said, “Women who stayed longer in school really became more responsible towards their family and nagbabago ‘yung attitude nila towards children.”

“Women are deciding on their own because of their own situation that they only want, at most, 3 children. What we are doing is we are helping those women who have made those decisions by providing them the family planning services that will work,” he added.

POPCOM’s study cited the National Demographic and Health Survey in 2017, which said only 40% of married Filipino women are using modern methods of family planning.

Perez said that his department hopes that there will be four million new acceptors of the family planning program and that 65% of married women and women in union will be using modern family methods by the end of President Duterte’s administration.

If this happens, Perez said, the government will avert 2 million abortions and 2.4 million unplanned pregnancies, as well as save 600 lives of women every year who would’ve died from child birth. — Source: KAELA MALIG, LA, GMA News

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