How Much Do Weddings Cost In The Philippines? (An Infographic)

Uniting a couple in spirit and heart is a joyful occasion and a major milestone in anyone’s life. You may be prepared emotionally, but are you ready financially?

A marriage also brings together a couple’s assets into one – an economic arrangement and a long term one in Philippines. After all, the absence of divorce in the Philippine makes it all the more a decision that you’ll have to be prepared to live with for a lifetime.

That’s why when we Filipinos find “the one” and decide to finally tie the knot, we make sure that it’s one for the books!

Since a wedding can literally cost a fortune, smart financial decisions coupled with due diligence is the key to making your dream wedding come true without breaking the bank. To give you a headstart, we run down the numbers for you!— Source: Marc Adrian /

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