POEA reiterates warning on email job scams

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration reiterated its advice to overseas jobseekers to disregard emails informing them of selection for supposed employment in countries like Ireland, Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America and other developed countries.

The POEA recently got a copy of an email from an applicant verifying the authenticity of an offer she received supposedly for a job in Dublin,Ireland. The email turned out to be an absolute scam. The offer was for a permanent job as a receptionist with a salary of 21.50 Euro per hour for a two-year contract. Benefits include two day per week rest, free accommodation; 20 day paid holiday allowance, medical and dental insurance, free food during work hours and free visa fee and plane ticket; and other too-good-to-be-true remunerations.

The catch, however, is that the applicant has to pay for certain documents and is led to a website where she should order the ‘European Employment Package Processing’ that costs 27 euros or more or less Php1,500.

The supposed package include ‘motivation/cover letter. Curriculum vitae, Diploma, application form for work permit/visa and medical card’. Other than the ‘employment package’, the applicant is also asked to pay Php1,200 for courier service, Php16,000 for Schengen Visa extension Service and Php20,000 for European Union Work Permit. The applicant is then instructed to pay in Philippine peso directly to the account of an alleged ‘trade agent’ in a local bank .

Any unsolicited job offer through e-mail and social media which requires payment of fees for seminar, documentation, and processing of visa and other travel documents is a sure sign of a scam. POEA advises applicants to validate the authenticity of job offers with the POEA through its verification system at poea.gov.ph, hotlines 8221144 and 87221155, and POEA mobile phone application downloadable via Google Play or App Store).— Source: POEA

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